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Another kind of game playing involves “hiding library or course materials,” which nearly half of undergrads think is “trivial cheating” or “not cheating.” All the professors I’ve spoken to are stupified by students’ relaxed attitudes, which makes me think they are unaware of their own part in creating the conditions for game playing.Finally, the fourth and most important cause of cheating is linked to universities and to faculty members who don’t fully address the problem.

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Universities have been making more efforts to reduce cheating by hiring integrity officers and holding campus-wide, academic-integrity weeks, says Dr. Some brave institutions that took part in the 11-campus study – including Dalhousie University, Simon Fraser University, the University of Western Ontario and the University of Manitoba – have publicized their statistics of academic misconduct. Christensen Hughes and Mc Cabe found that 47 to 60 percent of Canadian faculty go to “little or very little effort to document an incident” of cheating.The University of Toronto’s judicial affairs officer, Tony Gray, noted a jump from 2003 to 2004, and the University of Saskatchewan’s university secretary, Lea Pennock, saw a rise between 20. Christensen Hughes says she’s worried because many grad students are teaching assistants and thus responsible for overseeing exams, marking essays and preventing cheating among undergraduates in the first place. I used to think the blame lay with individual students who had personal problems, but this is the least important of the four reasons for cheating. Christensen Hughes and Mc Cabe reviewed previous research and found that cheating occurs more among students who are young, male, overworked, study in a second language, have low self-esteem, suffer from anxiety or have high grade-point averages. 2 – is context and culture, both outside and inside academe.

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