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Dietz also produced lanterns for the military in the early years and for Marine use on ships. The Vesta styles were popular with railroads and were made as late as the 1960s. Many future Dietz lanterns look similar in appearance to Ham designs for this reason. Dietz called it's bell bottom lanterns the "standard" version, implying that the wire base models were optional.However in later years, most railroad lanterns were eclipsed by the Dressel and Adlake short globe versions. Dietz continued to exist until it went out of business in 1992. This model was made through the 1930s and this particular lantern appears to be a later model that could date anywhere from the 1920s through the early 1930s. It was bead blasted and repainted in high temp paint and includes a new Adlake pot and burner as the original pot and burner were not salvageable. The New York City Subway apparently ordered quite a few and were also known to have ordered Dietz No.The Vulcan lantern was discontinued in 1944, so this lantern dates to anytime prior to that, but probably newer than the 1920s.The Dietz Vesta was one of the most popular and widely sold lanterns and is still very common on the market today.This particular lantern is not marked for a railroad and therefore could have been used by a city or construction company. it's age its unknown, but it's suspected of being newer and probably dates to the 1950s.However railroads did use these exact same lanterns as well. 39 lanterns were made well into the short globe area with some sources indicating they were being made until around 1940. This is one of the oldest lanterns in my personal collection. 6 bell bottom lantern which was produced from the early 1890s through 1919.

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There are two primary types of the Vesta, the earlier “hi-top” model and later “lo-top”.Today, many people collect and own lanterns without knowing their history.This book sheds light on their styles, manufacturers, variations, and value ranges on today’s market.The value of Dietz Vesta lanterns is lower than most because it is so common, most sell for less than .

Dietz Vestas in excellent condition and with rare railroad markings / globes can bring higher prices, but still top out around -90 making this model a great entry point for newer lantern collectors looking for a nice piece.

After 1956 laterns were no longer stamped, and the Main plant shut down in 1931.