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04-Nov-2017 20:35

At the age of twenty, he formed a workers' soviet in Echmiadzin.

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When he returned, Mikoyan introduced a number of popular American consumer products to the Soviet Union, including American hamburgers, ice cream, corn flakes, popcorn, tomato juice, grapefruit, and corn on the cob.

In October 1952 at the 19th Party Congress Stalin even attacked Mikoyan viciously.

When Stalin died in 1953, Mikoyan again took a leading role in policy-making.

Mikoyan made several key trips to communist Cuba and to the United States, acquiring an important stature on the international diplomatic scene, especially with his skill in exercising soft power to further Soviet interests.

In 1964 Khrushchev was forced to step down in a coup that brought Brezhnev to power.

Mikoyan tried, but failed, to save one from being executed during his trip to Armenia.