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The following example illustrates a meta tag in the head-section of each page carrying the date of the last modification of the page: This date can be picked up by Policy using a CSS selector.The CSS selector to match the Last-Modified meta tag would be: meta[name='Last-Modified'] As described above, Policy will automatically identify the date in the attribute, so the name of the attribute isn't significant.Updating out of date content and ensuring that content is being reviewed on a regular basis is an important element of website maintenance.Focus on newly created pages might also be interesting for you as a web editor, or monitoring modified pages over the last week in an administrator role.Exploring somewhere new, eating out, getting engaged (worth a shot...)F is for...Building a fort, watching a football match, going to a farm, watching your fave films, playing frisbee AMAh G7WAG is for...Only three formats are supported: Variants of ISO 8601, RFCs 1123, 53 as well as Unix Epoch dates.ISO 8601 is an internationally accepted way to represent dates and times using numbers.

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Re-enacting your first date, having some retail therapy, going on a road trip S is for...Doing something underwater, riding the underground, having a UK getaway, eating a USA-themed dinner (Hi, ribs) V is for...