Speed dating host suggestions

09-Jan-2018 17:08

People seem to come just far enough apart that you are repeating your spiel and directions ad-infinitum, while trying to get names marked off and name tags found.

Space allows people to sit down their purses or jackets, write their name tags, get any change they might need and to pick up any pamphlets or swag you may be handing out.

To kick your event off, you will want to do an introduction speech.

If people have not drifted to their seats, give them a 2-5 minute warning before you begin.

This post is part of a series that comes to us from Anne @Unique Gifter, a website full of awesome gift giving ideas and ways to spice up otherwise mundane wedding gifts, like sheets!

Anne recently hosted two speed networking events, as the Vice-President of an industry group.

Then tell them they can get drinks or appys and mingle.

Please time your bladders accordingly, so that no one misses out on the networking.

I highly recommend starting with an outline for the rest of the evening.

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