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’ – The resulting list of (goals) strategies – the What we do to fulfill the Vision – become the Mission (goals).

“The next phase is how we implement the Mission (goals). ’ – the – What we do (goals) – generates a list of the day-to-day activities to implement the Mission (this will become elements of the strategic plan).

You may change your mind about what you want to be when you grow up but you have to start somewhere.” Tips from another reader who facilitates vision/mission development sessions for independent living centers: “The organization Mission is built from the Vision.

I simply ask ‘What do you do to implement your Vision?

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“Does this mission statement present the image of this organization that we wish to market and does it allow for a holistic and inclusive approach with which a reader can identify?

It is this quick message about your organization that should inspire the listener or reader to want to know more about who you are and what you do as an organization.

(Don’t forget to introduce yourself, provide a business card and ask the senator if you can forward additional materials and arrange a meeting.) If the mission statement is well-written and delivered effectively you will have answered four essential questions: Resist the urge to include every little thing that you think someone should know about your organization.

I see the vision statement as the reason the organization exists and the mission statement as providing both the inspiration for getting out of bed and going to work each morning and the basic road map for achieving the vision.

Of course, an organization needs to define its programs, goals and objectives as part of the process, but we will discuss that step in a future issue.

Is the mission statement dynamic and result in the reader wanting to know more about the organization?