Updating road angel

19-Oct-2017 04:59

In addition there is a Camera Share feature that enables you to add speed cameras that are not in the database such as mobile speed camera vans.

These locations stay in the database for 2 hours so that any other Road Angel users will be alerted to these locations too.

There are two different versions of the Road Angel Gem available to buy from Speed Cameras

While the Gem device inside the box is identical for both models, the Gem Deluxe includes an extra accessory pack.

The Gem model includes a dash mount option, whereas the Gem Deluxe which inlcudes extra accessories including a dash mount and windscreen.Road Angel Gem Plus Deluxe - DISCONTINUED with four additional accessories Road Angel Gem Plus - DISCONTINUED Delivery in the United Kingdom (UK) is FREE on all orders over £50.For more information please see delivery information.So it's great to have an expert to rely on when the computer decides to stump me.

Road Angel Gem Plus is a leading speed camera detector which replaces the multi-award winning Road Angel Gem and it provides advanced alerts to speed camera locations across the UK.

Drivers with Road Angel are less stressed, more confident and safe in the knowledge that they will be alerted to hazard areas well in advance.